Plants in the world


Gardens presents the surrounding nature in all its splendor.

There are hundreds of plant species information with guidelines on their growth and care. Surrounded by them, our lives are more beautiful.


Decorative plants through leaves


Within the category about decorative plants through leaves, we will talk about their growth and care. About planting, substrate, watering, positioning.

Decorative plants by flowers


Within the category about decorative plants by flowers, we will talk about their cultivation, care and protection. About diseases and pests, cuts, fertilizations.



Within the category about shrubs, we will talk about seeds, planting, watering, potting replacement, cutting.



Within the category about palms, we will talk about palm growth and care, temperature, soil, watering, fertilization.



Within the category about cactus, we will talk about the growth and care of the cactus, rest period, wintering, watering, fertilization.



Within the category about carnivorous plants, we will talk about the growth and care of carnivorous plants.
There are also carnivorous plants, who are not only satisfied with the nutrients taken from the substrate. Depending on their size and properties, they usually eat insects, but some can also consume small rodents or birds.
They all use different stratagems to attract and catch these living creatures. Some are licit, others are toxic, and others simply seize the victim.

Wherever we are, we can surround ourselves with the most beautiful plants. Are plants resistant to frost, some who like shade, others adore moisture or on the contrary, feel good in the sun and prefer dry air.
For any space, there are suitable plants. Some do not require any cutting, others can be shaped like bonsai. Some do not support acidic soils, others prefer limestone substrate, others are not precious. Some flowers have a special beauty, others delight in their fragrance.
If we know their needs and care to have everything they need, they will delight our senses in any season.

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