Grow and care cactus


Cactuses, although they have thorns, bloom particularly beautiful.

By their nature, cacti can survive under the most severe conditions. They can grow in areas almost without precipitation.
A little water they receive is carefully stored in trunks and leaves and is not lost through sweating. To protect themselves from pests, cacti have thorns.
Some cacti remain small, while others reach considerable size. But most of all, these succulent plants impress the beauty of their flowers. Who could think that from a thorn plant, can I get some beautiful flowers?
Some are blooming annually, others are constantly blooming if they have the necessary conditions, but the diversity of colors and types of flowers, plus the ease of their maintenance, make cacti some of the favorite species of many people.


Cactus A-B

Cactus C-D

Cactus E-F

Cactus G-H

Cactus I-J

Cactus K-L

Cactus M-N

Cactus O-P

Cactus Q-R

Cactus S-T

Cactus U-V-W

Cactus X-Y-Z

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